What you should expect from any officiant

  • Being flexible and never in the way of what the couple wants

  • Being patient and understanding with everyone involved in the wedding

  • Being non-judgmental of a couple's circumstances or situation in life

  • Being professionally dressed and punctual

  • Keeping agreements -- doing what they say they will do

  • Being and staying organized

  • Being accessible and readily available by phone and/or e-mail

  • Being enthusiastic about the ceremony and helping to make it the best it can be for the couple

Ceremonies I will perform

  • I will perform secular, ecumenical or nominally religious ceremonies. If you want a high religious ceremony, I may not be your best choice.

  • I will do "quickie" weddings with only a short notice.

  • I will do "unusual" and unique weddings -- just ask!

  • I will perform a ceremony anywhere in Ohio or in any other state that recognizes by authority to solemnize marriages.

  • I do not require a meeting beforehand, but I do recommend that we discuss the ceremony. I won't perform ceremonies that feel wrong to me for any reason.

  • I will officiate Pagan ceremonies but you will be responsible for most of the ceremony design. If you want male and female figures represented, my wife may be available, too.

  • I will officiate gay union ceremonies with the same dignity as straight unions.

What I won't do:

  • I won't jump out of planes or go underwater (although standing in water is o.k.!).

  • I won't do weddings involving satanism.

  • I won't do anything illegal.

  • I won't do any ceremony that I believe is wrong for any reason.

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