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I offer beautiful marriage, birth, christening, and baptism certificates to commemorate special life events. I also have beautiful Victorian reproduction folding fans that make wonderful invitations or decorations for weddings and other events...or just for unique gifts! Click here to take a peek!

What I Do

I have married over 1,200 couples at locations all over Ohio from back yards to boats!

Due to my involvement in another business venture, I am restricting the scheduling of on-site ceremonies to weddings occuring within a few weeks. If your offciant has cancelled or you have a similar emergency situation I may be able to perform an on-site ceremony. If your wedding is only a few weeks away (or less) and you need an officiant, I'm your guy!

For those on a limited budget or those who want a no-frills ceremony, I do offer a "justice-of-the-peace" type service by allowing couples to come to my home with no more than two guests.

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Short-notice informal ceremony -- No set price - donations accepted

You may come to my home where I will perform a short ceremony. Short-notice may only be scheduled one or two days in advance. This is a very informal setting and I am usually dressed in very casual attire. That is often sandals and shorts in warm weather or jeans and sweatshirts at other times. Witnesses are not required in Ohio but you may bring up to 2 guests.
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On-site ceremony at the location of your choice

The price for an on-site ceremony varies according to time and location. The minimum fee for an on-site ceremony without rehearsal is $300. The payment can be done with digital currencies like bitcoin too. We accept the digital currency because transaction fees for Bitcoin payments are very low when compared to credit and debit card purchases. In order to buy or sell cryptocurrency, you can take advantage of crypto exchanges or auto trading bots like a crypto bank, which is an auto trading bot for trading cryptocurrency. You refer to the crypto bank opinie blog to know more. I dress appropriately in a dark suit for formal ceremonies. Please contact me to discuss your specific situation and your ceremony options.

Popular sports in Ohio

I love watching sports and enthusing spectators. Ohio State has been home to many professional sports teams in a variety of sports like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, and hockey. So, you will find Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Browns, Columbus Crew SC, Columbus Blue Jackets, FC Cincinnati, etc. The state has been playing a key role in development of NFL and MLB.

This explains why sports’ betting is popular in Ohio and eager bettors need to find out about the best sports betting sites Ohio can offer. Besides many key industries that flourish in the state, the gambling industry has been a notable addition. Land-based casinos had not been permitted till 2009 and residents had to travel to Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan to gamble. Today however, you can find many land-based casinos here like Hollywood Casino Toledo, Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati, etc. The betting industry gradually became stable when race tracks were permitted in the state.

Today, sports betting that happen online are not really legalized. But, a new bill in favor of legalizing this has already been passed by the senate. So, you can expect online gambling to be legal within the next couple of months. The process has been slow but steady. It is believed that by early 2022 sports betting here will be legit.