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Please feel free to select from each of the items below to help you get started:

Creating your own wedding ceremony is special, just like creating your own wedding bands. Customizing your wedding to reflect your personal style is all the rage now, from customized engagement rings to unique wedding favors. After all, diamond rings and jewelry are always better when you choose them yourself!

Or take a look at some sample ceremonies:

You may find some of these ceremonies on other websites around the country. Many ministers have copied these ceremonies for their couples!

Other Important Items

Create Your Own Ceremony

  • Write down any scriptures or other readings for your wedding.

  • Write down your favorite lines from any solos being sung at your wedding or from your First Dance song.

  • Write down any favorite quotes you may have or sayings that have been meaningful to your relationship.

  • On the blank piece of paper, write a letter to your fianc� using the following instructions:

    • Begin with a salutation that is very heartfelt (for example, "My Dearest...", or something to that effect).

    • In the first paragraph, tell him/her how much s/he means to you and your life.

    • Begin the next paragraph with the words, "It seems like only yesterday that..." Run with it.

    • In the next paragraph tell him/her how you felt when you realized you were in love with them.

    • In this paragraph, tell him or her what marriage means to you. What aspects of being married are you looking forward to? What are some of your fears? How are you going to address these fears if and when they come about?

    • Finally, close your letter with words of love and thanksgiving for your significant other.
  • Now, get back together with your fianc� and switch both this paper and the letters you have written.

  • When you are finished reading each other's papers, go back through and underline your favorite sentences or words of your fianc�'s answers and letter.

  • Now, discuss.

  • On another sheet of paper, write down your brainstorms. Start your vows with something to the effect of "I ______, take you, ______." or, "I ______ choose you, _______". This will get the ball rolling. Continue writing, using the sentences and words you found most meaningful to you and your relationship.

  • If you need examples of vows, see the items below.

  • Now, make a copy of your vows for both of you. Stand up, hold hands, and give it a try. When you read your vows look into his or her eyes and pretend that you are actually standing at your wedding. If you find yourself coming close to tears, your attempts have been a success!

  • Finally, I would really like to know how it went for you. Contact me to let me know your thoughts.
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