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# 1

Now you will feel no rain, for each will be shelter for the other.
Now you will feel no cold, for each will be warmth for the other.
Now there is no more loneliness.
Now you are two persons, but there is only one life before you.
Go now to your dwelling place to enter the days of your life together,
And may your days be good and long upon this earth.

# 2

And now, may the confidence, trust, and affection you have for each other on this day, sustain you as you go forth upon your journey of life together with its joy, its laughter, its sorrow, and its pain. May you fulfill your personal goals with each others help and guidance. May you dwell together in peace, love, and joy.

# 3

The vows you have just taken, pledging love, mean far more than mere words ever can. May their gentle spirit move in you. May your years fulfill the beauty of the feelings expressed today. And may you always put these vows above the things that make life smaller.

# 4

May your lives together be joyful and content,
And may your love be as bright as the stars,
Warm as the sun, accepting as the ocean,
And enduring as the mountains.

# 5

To be loved is to know joy and happiness, to give love is to know the joy of sharing oneself, for it is through the miracle of love that we discover the fullness of life. May God always be with, protect, and guide both of you, now and forever.

# 6 Ceremony of the Wine Cup

The years of our lives are as a cup of wine poured out for us to drink. The cup of life contains within it the sweet wine of happiness, joy, hope, and delight. This same cup, at times, holds the bitter wine of sorrow, grief, and despair. Those who drink deeply of life invite the full range of experiences into their being. As you drink from this cup, you acknowledge to one another that your lives, until this moment separate, have become one vessel into which all your sorrows and joys, all your hopes and fears, will be poured, and from which you will receive mutual sustenance. Many days you will sit at the same table and eat and drink together. Drink now, and may the cup of your lives be full to running over.

# 7

This is a moment of celebration. Let is also be a moment of dedication. The world does a good job of reminding us how fragile we are. Individuals are fragile; relationships are fragile too.

Every marriage needs the love, nurture and support of a network of friends and family. On this wedding day I ask you not only to be friends of ________ or _________ but friends of ________ and _________ together, friends of the relationship.

In the moment of silence that follows, I ask each of you, in your own way, to confer a silent prayer, blessing, wish or hope upon this wedding. [The officiant pauses for a moment of silence.]

Blessing: May the love you have found grow in meaning and strength until its beauty is shown in a common devotion to all that is compassionate and life-giving. May the flow of your love help brighten the face of the earth. May the source of all love touch and bless you and grace your lives with color and courage.

# 8

_________ and __________, you have now affirmed before your families and friends your love and your caring for each other. You have come from different backgrounds. You have walked different paths. You are different individuals. Your love has transcended these differences. In the years before you may the richness of the traditions that have nurtured you enhance and brighten your lives as you help to create and shape the future.

May the challenges of your life together be met with courage and optimism. May you learn from your failures and grow in your achievements. May life bless you with children, friends and family in a wide network of mutual support and enjoyment. May you face pain, toil and trouble with a stout but light heart. May you share with others the radiance of your seasons of joy and pleasure. May you always remember that laughter is the medicine of the gods.

May the spirit of love be ever a part of your lives so that the union we here celebrate this day be worthy of continued celebration tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

My goal is to help all couples, regardless of their religious affiliation or non-affiliation. I respect all cultures and creeds and deliver a ceremony with dignity and respect, regardless of whether or not I share the same beliefs. Click here for a brief explanation of my beliefs.