It's traditional for the groom to buy his bride jewelry for the wedding, and since jewelry makes the best wedding gift, a beautiful necklace or bracelet that she can wear on the big day would be perfect. You may even want to buy something special for your honeymoon as well!

This checklist provides some ideas about most of the things you will do in preparation for your wedding. Remember, these are only ideas of things to consider, and many items may not be applicable to you. Some duties apply strictly to the bride and others to the groom. However, the majority of the tasks can be accomplished by BOTH the bride and groom!

10 to 12 months prior -- decide on the basics...

7 to 9 months prior

4 to 6 months prior

2 to 3 months prior

4 to 8 weeks prior

2 to 3 weeks prior

1 week prior

1 day prior

Wedding Day