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Valentine's Day Special Event

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The latest update to this page was February 10, 2004.

Because of the bankruptcy situation with Penn Traffic, I will not be holding the Valentine's Day event at Big Bear this year. Instead, I will be offering an elopement ceremony in my home for couples who want a small and inexpensive ceremony. This will not be anything elaborate. Because the ceremonies are being performed in my home, I request that you bring no more than 2 guests (witnesses are not required in Ohio). Click here for directions to my home.

I will perform elopmement ceremonies all day Friday, February 13, and Saturday, February 14. The cost is only $50.00.

I will perform my elopement ceremony as shown here. Performing a different ceremony will be $10.00 additional. If you want to reserve your time, I ask that you pay in advance. This payment is non-refundable. Walk-ins may pay at the time of the ceremony.

If you want a minister to come to your home or any other location, I do have associates who are available. Please contact met and I will arrange for one of my associate ministers to help you.

Note: The courthouse will be closed on February 14, so you must get your license on or before the 13th!!! The court will be very busy on the 13th, so I suggest you save yourself some time and fill out the online application. Click here for the marriage license application and for other details on obtaining a marriage license in Franklin county. Or call the 24-hour recording: 614-462-3898.

Reservations are accepted ONLY on the quarter-hour. Ceremonies and paperwork take about 5-7 minutes. That leaves ample time each hour for walk-ins. If you don't have or don't want a reservation, PLEASE DO come by and get married! Click here to request a reservation or call 614-263-7370 (office) or 614-263-2698 (cell).

Please note that you must be ON TIME for your reservation!! Here is the current schedule for February 14.