Laura Johnson & Brad Robbins
We wanted to thank you for everything you did for us, youmade the day seem perfect and meaningful. Your soft spoken words impacted everyone in the room, and showed our love to everyone. We appreciate your time and thoughtfulness. Not allowing my deafness impair you from doing an excellent job meant a lot to me.

93.3 Lite FM Staff (February 2005)
Thank you for all of the support and the officiating you provided to the wedding. The Valentine's Day vows were a terrific success, with no only the radio broadcast of the event, but print and television coverage as well! The couples have all expressed their gratitude for such a class and well thought through day.

Juliette Parnet & Rudi Fahlenbrach (February 2005)
We would like to thank you for the nice ceremony, and your professionalism. All of our family and friends liked the ceremony a lot, and we have very good memories.

Meghan Hassler & Seth Reinick (December 2004)
Thank you for the lovely wedding ceremony. It was just perfect for us. So perfect, in fact, that I had friends ask me if we had written it ourselves!

Hayley Weinper & David Savage (December 2004)
Thank you so much for making our night so very special, and dealing with all our special requests!

Cheryl & Gerald Caliver (November 2004)
Thank you so much for officiating our renewal ceremony. I've had many compliments on the ceremony and it was exactly as I had imagined.

Michelle Rush & Dave Christopher (October 2004)
Thank you for performing our ceremony. We truly appreciated your flexibility and willingness to make the ceremony our own. Thanks again for helpng to make our wedding day beautiful.

Basia Maczka & Chris Jaskolka (August 2004)
One of the most beautiful things that we both remember about our wedding day is how you stood there in that rain patiently without a sign of uncomfort did not even once wipe your face from all that rain. You made us feel so special. You sacrificed with us and did not let it bother you. We will never forget that and want you to know that it takes a special person to be able to do that. You have made our day so much more special. You demonstrated that nothing should get in a way of a beautiful day like a wedding day. Thank you again so much for that.

Faye Stark & Don Roberts (July 2004)
Thank you so much for being part of our special day. You performed a wonderful ceremony for us!

Susan Hanrahan & William Fields (July 2004)
Thank you so much for performing our ceremony for us. You've been a joy to work with!

Fonda Phelps & Martin Ruiz (June 2004)
Thank you so much for coming to Marysville to perform our marriage ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful, and we very much appreciate you interrupting your own Father's Day for our wedding. Thanks again for everything!

Lisa Kiner & Gabe Howard (May 2004)
You were perfect. The day was perfect and the ceremony was perfect. Thank you for everything; you did an EXCELLENT job!

Cara Cox & Phillip Gomez (March 2004)
We are so lucky to have found such a special person to do our ceremony. Thank you so much for your advice, input and special touches to our day.

Nichole Sykes & Nathan Hilt (March 2004)
Thank you very much for the time and energy that you put into our rehearsal and Wedding Ceremony. Nikki and I loved every minute of it. You did an extraordinary job and it was better than we could have ever imagined. Thank You for getting everyone in place and coordinating the rehearsal. Without you, I don't think the Wedding would have turned out to be as successful as it was. Words can't express the gratitude towards your services.

Amy & Owen Meier (February 2004)
Just wanted to thank you so much for marrying us. The ceremony was exactly what we wanted, and your kindness and helpfulness was very appreciated

Angie Keller & Rick Breckler (October 2003)
Thank you for being so wonderful in conducting our ceremony and rehearsal. You did such a great job with everything! It really helped us to feel at ease and more relaxed with the whole process and we really appreciate that!

Brandi Kasprzak & Wayne Chung (August 2003)
Thank you for everything -- you were just perfect for our service. We couldn't be more pleased with the ceremony. It went picture perfect.

Ginny Kington & Jeff Wyner (July 2003)
We just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job that you did at our wedding. We couldn't have been happier!

Carolyn Casto & Matt Shatzer (July 2003)
Matt and I are so happy to be married and we really enjoyed the service. Everyone really loved the ceremony, as we have had all sorts of compliments on how special it was. It certainly felt good and right and we couldn�t be happier. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!

Victoria Burke & Jeremy Jones (June 2003)
Thank you for officiating at our wedding. We thought the ceremony went beautifully. Thank you for helping make our wedding day perfect.

Heather Joyce & Perry Fenton (June 2003)
Thank you so much for your services yesterday. You did an excellent job and we're very grateful that you made the time to do it on the day your own daughter graduated!

Tabitha Monnett & Alan Edwards (May 2003)
Tabie and I were really happy with our ceremony. The time you took to make this special event very memorable for us is greatly appreciated!

Tabitha Foglesong & Gary Kirby (May 2003)
Thank you for officiating our wedding today. We really enjoyed creating our own ceremony. Thanks & God Bless!

Amy Izzie & David Chirico (May 2003)
Thank you again for such a wonderful ceremony. You really did help David and me keep our sanity and not pass out...Thank You!

Mother of Bride for Kristin Braun & Gary Sanderson (April 2003)
We have had nothing but compliments on the ceremony and how meaningful it was. Thank you for working with us to create the ceremony they wanted and making their day special.

Sheila Shepard & Phil Tuller (April 2003)
Phil and I think you did a wonderful job. Everyone was impressed. Thank you so much and God bless.

Joann Mason & Larry Ford (March 2003)
Thank you so much for performing our marriage ceremony. You were excellent and very helpful!

Brother of Groom for Kelly Dillon & Sean Panza (March 2003)
I just wanted to thank you so much for performing the wedding for Kelly and Sean Panza yesterday. The ceremony was just wonderful.

Jennifer Brooks & Jeff Hankins (February 2003)
I just wanted to write and thank you again for performing our wedding ceremony. It was a very lovely ceremony and we have received many compliments from the guests.

Mother of the Bride for Amy Deever & Ewan Todd (January 2003)
Thank you for your part in Amy and Ewan's wedding. It was beautiful, memorable, unique and personal - just the kind of wedding Amy wanted!

Michelle Izzie & Dean Khrisat (January 2003)
Thank you for your help in the wedding. I really appreciate all your help. We had a great time!

Melissa Ernst & Carey Richardson (December 2002)
Our minister was the Marryin' Man, who was great to work with. We customized our own ceremony, so basically we wrote it and handed it to him. He did a wonderful job and our friends and family loved him. Great man.

Shelly Graham & Sean Murphy (October 2002)
Thank you so much for your patience on our special day. You did a marvelous job!

Melinda Perry & Lee Talbot (September 2002)
Thank you so much for making our wedding day so meaningful and beautiful! The service was perfect and your calm, professional manner helped calm us down and enjoy every minute.

Jeanine Cassidy & Clay Todd(July 2002)
Thank you for doing such a great job at our wedding, despite being in pain with a newly broken elbow. We received many compliments about you and the ceremony.

Jen Novak & Chris Weber(May 2002)
Thank you for making our special day so memorable!

Jill Mullins & Eric Cape (May 2002)
Thank you so much for performing our ceremony! You did a wonderful job and we truly appreciate it!

Heather Quillin & Gus Cuesta (April 2002)
Thank you for making our wedding ceremony so special. Our day turned out exactly as we had hoped. We especially appreciated the "Apache Prayer".

Trish Christensen & Terry Ritchie (April 2002)
Thanks so much for the lovely job you did officiating at our wedding! Your input was very welcome and you were so helpful guiding us through the ceremony. We appreciate very much your time and efforts on our behalf.

Christina Crow & Jason Keating (October 2001)
Everyone LOVED the ceremony you did and I particularly appreciate the introduction you gave my nieces. Again, thank you SO MUCH for a great job! I will be glad to recommend you to anyone needing your services.