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Victorian St. Louis Marriage Certificate

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A nondenominational, nonreligious certificate of extraordinary beauty. Appropriate for honoring all joined in marriage. A reproduction of an antique wedding certificate from the collection of the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis, Missouri. Originally printed in the 1880ís.

It measures 8 x 10 and is an absolutely lovely Victorian reproduction.

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In Promise to share
with you in times of
trouble. To talk and
to listen, to honor and
to appreciate you. To provide
for and support you
in trust and in love.

I promise to share my hopes
and thoughts and dreams with you.
I will work with you to build
our lives together.
May we grow our lives
forever intertwined. Our love
bringing us closer.

Mr. ___________       M ______________
Were this ____ day of _____
legally joined by me in
In the presence of            to which I hereby
___________________            Certify.
___________________            ___________________.

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