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Bride and Groom Fan

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This is a beautiful color reproduction of a Victorian Embossed Greeting Fan. These are very special and unique and are sure to be cherished for years!

As elegant and beautiful as they were in Victorian days. These greetings will delight the recipient! All are die-cut and embossed in great detail, just as the originals were at the turn of the century. They open to approx. 11 x 7 and when closed they fit easily into the mailing envelope that's packaged with each fan. These are decorative greeting card fans. They ARE NOT suitable for use as regular fans.

Each is individually shrink-wrapped with cardboard backing for shipping.

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Roses for the lovely Bride;
Dreams of love all tucked inside.
Bridal gown so pristine white;
Wedding music fills the night.
Bride and Groom - A perfect pair;
Love and gladness everywhere.
Wedding cake for one and all;
Bells and ribbons grace the hall.
Honeymoon planned just for two;
smiling as they wave adieu.
May their lives be filled with laughter;
and tru love bloom ever after.

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