Rodger Williams
156 Crestview Road
Columbus, OH 43202
(614) 263-7370
[email protected]


Temporary or part-time assignment requiring a blend of techinical and soft skills.


(Years of experience/last year used) unless otherwise indicated, last year used is current

Education & Training


On assignment at Nationwide Insurance -- May 1995 to Present

Designed and coded complex SQR program with dynamic SQL to report turnover statistics using Saratoga Institute guidelines. Designed and constructed PeopleSoft tables, panels and menus to gather and report information input from VRU. Designed and constructed tables, panels, and menus to replace standard EEO and Vets-100 PeopleSoft SQRs with customer versions.
Re-designed HR reporting intranet site to be intuitive and flexible. Developed and deployed HR reporting applications to the Nationwide intranet using Web FOCUS and Web MRE. Trained power users in FOCUS Six ad hoc reporting tool. Trained managers on web-based ad hoc report system using SNAPpack for Peoplesoft.
Led programmer/analysts in projects to move Y2K non-compliant mainframe HR reporting systems to web-based FOCUS Six platform and SNAPpack for PeopleSoft. Participated in teams to move mainframe HR sub-systems to PeopleSoft.
Programmed and delivered output for 20-30 ad hoc report requests per week using VM and MVS databases. Redesigned VM/CMS FOCUS-based Human Resources reporting system from 10 regional systems to one national online system. Altered database structure to decrease reporting time in the face of a ten-fold increase in database size. Reduced monthly maintenance time from 20 hours to 1/2 hour. Trained HR staff on use of systems.

On assignment at Owens/Corning Fiberglas -- Sep. 1992 to Jan. 1995

Enhanced VM/CMS FOCUS-based Accounts Payable and Financial Reporting systems by normalizing databases and replacing 3GL programs with FOCUS routines. Projects were completed an average of 40% under budget. Documented and flowcharted reporting systems comprising approximately 500 programs and 20 databases.

On assignment at American Electric Power -- Mar. 1992 to Sep. 1992

Automated FOCUS payroll time processing and eliminated data entry of time sheets. Process was re-engineered to replace turnaround document with a file transmitted directly to the MVS system.

Owens/Corning Fiberglas Employee -- Sep. 1989 to Mar. 1992

Created VM/CMS FOCUS-based online project cost reporting system that reduced processing time from 30 minutes to 5 seconds. Re-engineered FOCUS inventory system to reduce processing time by 95%.

JC Penney Casualty Insurance Employee -- Jan. 1978 to Aug. 1989

Designed, programmed, documented, and trained users on a VM/CMS FOCUS-based online national salary planning system. Designed, programmed, documented, and trained users on an online national direct mail marketing analysis system. Starting as a part-time customer service representative, I progressed through several positions of increasing responsibility. My final position was Human Resources Systems Analyst.

Work Style


I prefer jobs where:

  • I can use my practical sense and experience in decision-making
  • Thinking focuses on day-to-day problem solving, without neglecting the long-range impact
  • I can build my expertise
  • I can learn more about areas of expertise that I would like to have
  • Thinking about things in a very objective manner is encouraged
  • My factual nature is valued


I prefer jobs where:

  • Tasks and responsibilities are defined
  • I have some control over my daily activities and flexible schedules
  • There is a thoughtful and organized approach to completing work tasks
  • Time is allowed to analyze information and develop plans before taking action
  • Taking calculated risks is encouraged
  • I may try things that have yet to be tested/proven
  • A practical, task-oriented focus is appreciated


I prefer jobs where:

  • I can express my opinion and influence others
  • The team is open, honest, frank, direct, and trusting
  • Working independently as well as part of a team is encouraged
  • Political agendas are discouraged